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★ 10 Essential Skin Tips For
Happy Healthy Skin.

I began taking serious care of my skin in 2007 when I was 35 years old. having returned from 3 months volunteering in Ecuador I was dismayed to find I had significant sun damage. Determined to repair my complexion, I began to research...

My study led me straight to the regenerative properties of Antioxidants. More specifically, oil soluble antioxidants found in abundance within certain flowers, leaves, roots, bark and seeds and when combined together with water soluble Antioxidants synergistically amplified each others properties.

Vitamin C, a water soluble antioxidant And Vitamin E, an oil soluble antioxidant are a perfect example of this synergy. When combined together these two antioxidants amplify the others properties exponentially.

As a professional Skincare Formulator I have spent a huge amount of time energy and attention in learning the language of our skin.

Here are 10 skincare tips I have put together from my own personal philosophy on skincare that I used successfully to protect, nourish and repair my own complexion. I hope you find it helpful.

10 Tips for healthy, happy Skin..

Your skin is the outside of our inside, it is known as the external digestion and it is our largest organ and secreting gland. Our skin plays a huge role in the digestion system, excretory system and hormonal system. What we eat and what we feed our skin really does matter...

Don’t be tempted to use more product or products than you need. The face is a very small area and there’s a tendency to use far to much of a product. The skin can only absorb so much, it needs to breath and not be smothered. It definitely needs to be fed and not starved but it needs to be fed real skin food and not over fed.

If you smoke or you work and live in a polluted environment, be sure to take a minimum of 50-250mg of vitamin c after every cigarette or every couple of hours. Vitamin C is of critical importance to the skin and it’s an essential compound in the production of collagen and elastin. Taking large doses of Vitamin C once daily is less efficient and less effective than taking multiple smaller doses.

Studies have shown that the skin is a more effective and efficient vehicle for absorbing Vitamin C than via the gut alone so applying a good quality product containing a Vitamin C derivative such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate to the skin morning and night and taking a vitamin C supplement is a really good idea.

It’s never too late to begin looking after your skin. It will thank you by looking more youthful and healthy! Our skin is a reflection of our internal health and if we get to know it well, it can show us when we’re tired, stressed or unwell, often before we feel it. I am living proof!

If you are in a very hot and dry climate, it is important to stay hydrated and use nutritious, raw oil based products to protect against moisture loss from your skin.

It may sound counter intuitive but water based products especially if they contain Hyaluronic acid are likely to dehydrate your skin in hot dry climates as these ingredients attract moisture and if they can’t get moisture out of the air they will draw it out of the skin which then evaporates.

The vast majority of 'acute' skin issues stem from over use of the wrong type of products with the wrong pH or the wrong ingredients. The vast majority of chronic (stubborn, long term) issues stem from nutritional deficiencies, digestive disturbances or food intolerance and these stubborn skin conditions can be worsened by using products marketed to treat when they might actually be making the situation worse because of the synthetic chemicals and harsh ingredients they often contain.

Conventional, mass manufactured skincare products tend to be completely empty of any kind of nutrition, this is especially true of bright white skincare. Whatever the packaging tells you, natural ingredients are almost always very colourful and are rarely transparent.

Topical application can be a very effective and efficient way of feeding the skin, by applying a concentration of premium raw food ingredients we can nourish, protect and help repair the skin with oil soluble and water soluble vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these essential nutrients can be absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream where they are able to benefit the skin in a localised and concentrated way. Vitamin C and essential fatty acids rich in antioxidants and vitamins are a good example of nutrients the skin is able to benefit from by topical application.

Our Concentrated Antioxidant Shea Butter Balm is a great way to nourish the skin after a shower or bath and a little goes a very long way. The skin really just wants to be fed with nourishing oils and our balms are all raw and cold blended with concentrated food grade seed oils and never diluted with refined weak carrier oils or waxes.

If the skin on the body is very dry or if the skin on your heels tend to be dry and crack then I always suggest dietary supplements to address this, sometimes dry skin may be a symptom of a thyroid, hormonal or digestive imbalance, in these situations along with treatment for the condition, a good quality skin balm or body oil can help the skin recover it’s elasticity, moisture balance and integrity.

I hear a lot from people frustrated with their complexion. The most common complaint I get asked to help with is dryness, redness, congestion and breakouts. This is my advice and it has never not worked..

If your skin is being very reactive and changeable it is possible that the acid mantle has been damaged, the acid mantle is your skins immune system and your bodies first line of defense, a thin slightly acidic film that coats your skin it is vital for the health of your skin but it is delicate and can be easily damaged by using too many facial products, products with the wrong pH and abrasive facial scrubs. If this is the case you need to rest your skin completely until your acid mantle has repaired itself. While this is happening be careful to only cleanse with warm water and apply a small amount of an unscented raw oil to the skin and only if the skin feels tight and uncomfortable

Do not over cleanse. Cleanse with a small amount of a pH balanced cleanser or oil cleanser at night only. Cleanse in the morning with a hot flannel and then apply a small amount of an unscented antioxidant facial oil. Our Rosehip & Pomegranate Facial Treatment Oil is ideal.

If your complexion is sun damaged and has a lot of blemishes and brown spots don't despair, I know from personal experience that the complexion can be restored, it takes time but it's worth the time. Here is what I did to restore my sun damaged complexion.

★ Cleanse with a hot flannel in the morning. Our acid mantle is vital for helping us restore an even balanced complexion so we don't want to wash it off.

★ Open the skin with a liquid exfoliator, our Vitamin C Liquid Exfoliator is perfect for opening the skin with damaging the delicate acid mantle. This step is important because your skin needs to be able to absorb nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin and into the skins transport system. The skin is constantly renewing skin cells and old skin cells coat he skin and reduce its absorbancy so a gentle non abrasive exfoliator is essential.

★ Apply our Vitamin C Treatment Gel to the skin to encourage collagen production and lighten the skin, fading sun spots and blemishes while also protecting the skin from UV damage and nourishing the skin with vital antioxidants.

★ Once the Vitamin C Gel has been absorbed into the skin, apply a light coating of our Antioxidant treatment Oil. Made with our unique triple seed oil blend of Rosehip, Raspberry and Pomegranate enriched with herbal extracts of Calendula, Chamomile and Hypericum, this oil is a powerful antioxidant skin food to protect, nourish and repair your skin.

★ Cleanse in the evening with our Antioxidant Facial Cream Cleanser or our Vitamin C Facial Gel Cleanser Follow this program twice a day for a minimum of 6 months to see a drastic improvement of your skin. I have been following this regime for 8 years now and I am very happy with my complexion.

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