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Maeve is the Founder & Formulator of Natural Wisdom. Making fresh skincare in small batches since 2007

Natural Wisdom is a beautifully artisan made, super food feast for your skin. An indulgent, luxurious ritual to revive & restore with a small collection of perfectly created skin food products that give your skin everything it needs to glow with healthy radiance. Leaving you feeling beautifully restored & centred.

" I create all of my skincare products to be much more than just 'kind' to our skin, because our skin is so much more than just our outer covering. It's the outside of our inside and although it has evolved to protect us, our skin is still very sensitive and vulnerable and constantly under attack and so it also needs Our protection. That's why I make raw organic skincare products that will feed, nourish, protect and love our skin, because that's Natural Wisdom and that's why we dare to be different". Maeve

Maeve began making natural skincare products in 2007 whilst also running her successful Homeopathy and Health Mentoring practice on the Isle of Wight, an island just off the South Coast of England.

A Homeopath and natural health mentor since 2005, Maeve has also studied Pathology and Disease, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine as well as bio-chemistry.

Her background in natural health and her combined passion for Ecology, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine are the inspiration behind all her recipes.

The background to Natural Wisdom

Maeve has founded her skincare creations on strong eco and ethical values and deeply rooted it in her passion for nutrition & indigenous herbal medicine both of which are behind the inspiration for all her skincare recipes.

Her mission began in 2006 when she traveled with her three children, aged six, nine and eleven to Ecuador in South America for three and a half months.

Maeve didn't want to use conventional, chemical heavy anti-malaria medication, sunscreen and insect repellents, especially as two of their group had very sensitive skin and a history of eczema, so she got to work researching safe alternatives. The research took her six months. What she discovered about the manufacture of conventional skincare made her determined to learn how to make her own.

During her research to find products that would do the job without doing any damage, she concluded that she would have to make her own products if she was going to avoid over 3 months of daily chemical 'skinsults' (skin insults)" she explains.

“I’d studied chemistry, so it was a natural step for me to research active ingredients in greater depth. I had to dig very deep to find out what all these skincare ingredients were, what they were made from, what made them work, their environmental impact and toxicity concerns and then I researched potential and safe alternative ingredients that could offer similar, the same, or better results.”

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

So.. Off they went to South America with Maeve’s skin care products and anti malarial herbs, and they worked. Their kit bag was huge but it turned out to be well worth the extra luggage.

“By the time we returned to the UK, I was absolutely besotted with everything to do with natural skincare ingredients.” I spent the next two plus years working on my formulations trying out different cold emulsifiers and comparing the different qualities of seed oils available from the many suppliers by testing them against each other rigorously. I was absolutely determined to find a way to make cold blended skincare products using premium food grade ingredients. In the beginning, they were very disappointing, they separated easily or came out feeling and looking like strings of snot and goo but I persevered until I got it just right".

For a long time, Maeve had one setback after another but she say's "I just had to keep working at it". Finally, in 2010 she managed to make her moisturisers look and feel like conventional moisturisers but without any of the nonsense ingredients. Her setbacks didn't end there. Maeve has nurtured and nourished Natural Wisdom through several very personally challenging times, never giving up on her goal of creating extraordinary skincare products.

"I didn't want to compromise on the feel factor. Personally, I expect skincare products to look and feel a certain way and so I was determined to get it right. I didn't want my products to look or feel strange."

“The final results are gorgeous skincare products made with pure, raw seed oils and herbal extracts full of antioxidant vitamins and 100% free of the cheap, weak fillers and nonsense ingredients many high street brands use to bulk out their products,” she says. That means they won’t clog your skin, leaving your skin to breath a deep sigh of relief

It was a simple progression then for Maeve to go on and design and create a wider range of products such as the new Hair Love Bars, Face Love Bar & her small but complete Solid Perfumes.

The Mission of natural Wisdom which has been the same since 2007 is to create the perfect organic skincare to help us meet the challenges of our changing times.... increased environmental pollution and a depleted Ozone layer are just two of the challenges we face today and our children will face tomorrow.

"Our skin is seen by many to be nothing more than an inert outer covering, but our skin is so much more than this. It's our bodies largest organ and secreting gland, it's the outside of our inside, our external digestion with an integral connection to every part of our bodies systems. This is why I am such a passionate believer in making Skincare that does no harm, made from the highest possible food grade ingredients ... Maeve