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Did you know that the vast majority of skincare creams are made using just 3 key ingredients...

  1. Water
  2. oil
  3. wax emulsifiers

Together, these three ingredients can make up to 95% of a skincare product. The remaining 5% reserved for preservatives (1%), fragrance (1%) and the final 3% for 'active ingredients' which are more often than not the ingredient the product is either named after or marketed on.

1) Water

Water (Aqua) This is the main ingredient for the majority of skincare products such as creams, toners, cleansers,shampoos and conditioners, it's a great solvent, its neutral and doesn't usually cause any allergic responses. There is nothing wrong with water other than it's a very cheap, very weak solvent depending of course on what water soluble nutrients may have been dissolved in it. Water makes up to 70 - 75% of a conventional products ingredients.

Instead of water, we use natural organic flower & botanical hydrosols in our recipes

2) Sunflower Oil or other similar refined carrier oil.

Sunflower oil (Helianthus annus) One of the most common oils used in skincare products. It is highly refined using steam and solvents such as Hexane which is difficult to completely remove leading to the risk of contaminants in cosmetic grade ingredients.

Sunflower oil is combined to dilute and thin the hard wax emulsifiers at 80 degrees (that's hot!) Sunflower oil can make up to 20% of a products ingredients. It's cheap, weak and has no nutrient value for the skin..And or...

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (a highly refined medium chain triglyceride from coconuts) Sometimes used as an alternative to Sunflower oil in skincare products. It’s cheap, weak, clear, odourless, tasteless and has an almost indefinite shelf life. It makes a product feel nice and has a small molecular weight so it absorbs easily, this makes it very useful as a carrier for active ingredients. It doesn’t provide the skin with any other nutritional benefits. Caprylic Triglyceride can make up to 20% of a products ingredients.

Instead of using refined & cheap, weak oils we use organic cold pressed (raw) seed oils and super critical CO2 extracted seed oils.

3) Wax emulsifiers many of which are derived from pig fat.

Wax emulsifiers (a very hard wax used to bind oil and water together.) Up to 6-10% of a products ingredients are emulsifiers...and that doesn’t leave much room for ‘active’ ingredients.... that’s not to mention the long list of ‘other ingredients...Dimethicone, Siloxane, Polysorbate 20 Polysorbate 60 pentylene glycol, Acrylates copolymer....the list goes on and on of these processing ingredients that are used to improve the look, feel and shelf life of a product they do nothing for the health of our skin and there is concern that many may actually be harmful, both to the environment when we wash them away and to our bodies in the form of accumulated toxins and hormone disruptors.

Natural Wisdom dares to be different. Instead of using wax emulsifiers which can block your pores and dull your complexion we use a certified organic 100% natural liquid (vegan) emulsifier to cold blend our creams...so your skin can breath more easily.

The vast majority of skincare is mass manufactured in large manufacturing laboraties.

By comparison, there are only a handful of skincare brands that make their own skincare in house, in everyday small fresh batches. Natural Wisdom is very proud to be one of them.

♥ Our skincare is artisan crafted by us and no body else. This allows us complete control over our recipes and so we can design and make our skincare free of fillers and nonsense ingredients.

Our skincare recipes are completely cold blended to guarantee absolute bio-active potency and powerful, effective results.

♥ We have meticulously blended every possible antioxidant, vitamin and phyto-nutrient known to protect, renew and rejuvenate our skin to bring you skincare products that are 100% bio-active.

There are those, who see their skin as nothing more than an inert outer covering that's cleaned, polished and treated with highly processed, synthetic products, just as if it were an object, like a machine.

Here at Natural Wisdom, we see our skin as something much more than this, we see our skin as the outside of our inside, the reflection of how we live and how we feel, from our emotions to our beliefs. Our skin cools us, it warms us. It's reactive to emotions, responsive to lifestyle, and adaptive to temperature. Our skin, literally holds us together, glowing brighter when we're happy, lighting up when we smile, blushing when we're embarrassed and giving us away when we're tired, stressed or unwell.

Our wonderful, amazing skin responds and reacts to everything we do & it both absorbs & digests the skin products we apply to it...This is why the ingredients we choose are so very important.

If you have any questions about this article please email me, maeve@naturalwisdom.co.uk :-)