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Oat Cream Deodorant scented with Patchouli & Frangipani...
🌟 100% Natural, biodegradable, gentle yet effective with a low essential oil content for sensitive skin
🌟 Our Natural Deodorant works with the body and doesn't suppress the bodies natural processes.
🌟 Antibacterial properties & made with natural Alum Stone & organic Colloidal Oatmeal
🌟 Long lasting protection, economical and luxuriously indulgent.
🌟 NO irritating Baking Soda & No Alcohol.
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Oat Cream Deodorant (Patchouli & Frangipani) Oat Cream Deodorant {Scented with Patchouli & Frangipani}

  • Creamy Oat Cream Deodorant to nourish and nurture delicate skin while keeping you fresh and smelling gorgeous all day long. Scented with Patchouli & Frangipani

: £21.00