Our Philosophy and Ethos.

"Never does nature say one thing & wisdom another". Juvenal

♥ Our skin is much more than an outer covering. Our skin is the outside of our inside, the reflection of how we live and how we feel, from our emotions to our beliefs.

♥ Our skin is our largest organ and excreting gland, it has a vital and synergistic relationship to every system of our body.

♥ Our skin protects us, warms us and cools us. Our skin, literally holds us together. It's reactive to emotions, responsive to lifestyle, and adaptive to temperature.

♥ Our skin glows brighter when we're happy, it lights up when we smile, it blushes when we're embarrassed and it shows when we're tired, stressed or unwell.

♥ Our skin responds to a healthy lifestyle and it reacts to the skin products we apply to it...This is why the ingredients I choose are so very important.

There is a very big difference between cosmetic grade skincare ingredients that can make the skin 'feel nice' and raw food grade antioxidant ingredients that can make the skin 'look amazing'. This is why Natural Wisdom skin care is raw, cold blended from pure, organic super-food ingredients.

" I believe that in the making of something new, we shouldn't hurt something old
. Which is why we are dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint as light as possible by striving to be as sustainable and as ethical as possible so we can be an active part of the solution and not a part of the problem".

Our beautiful eco packaging

★ We hope you don't mind that we made the decision not to use pretty, shiny boxes to house our bottles and jars, this reduces waste and is much kinder on the environment. instead of shiny boxes we opted for biodegradable protective packaging. We hope you like it.

★ We choose glass wherever possible which is easily recyclable and reusable. Natural ingredients degrade very quickly when held in plastic and when exposed to light. Our Miron violet glass bottles protect the potency and freshness of our products. Learn more about our Miron violet glass bottles

Our purchasing ethos

★ Wherever possible, we work hard to buy directly from the producer/manufacturer/grower and individual artisan. As an artisan craft business, it's very important to us that we support the maker directly and not the middle man.

Ethical trade is central to our purchasing policy. We believe that business should benefit everyone equally and not some disproportionately.

We are against the use of animal based ingredients and all forms of animal testing.

Our manufacturing ethos

★ We only use superior quality, certified organic, eco-cert or 100% natural raw ingredients. Food grade where the option exists and we use Miron® the best bio-photonic glass packaging in the world.

★ We never dilute our raw active ingredients with weak, cheap fillers and carrier oils, we never use refined oils such as sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus). We never use nonsense ingredients with made up names and made up claims.

★ We don't clog our products with unnecessary processing or chemical ingredients.

★ We don't cook our recipes, we spent 4 years perfecting our raw, cold blending method which maximises potency and quality.

★ We don't use wax emulsifiers which means your skin can breath more freely.

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