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Natural Wisdom is an artisan skincare brand that dares to be different

Raw, undiluted and food grade organic antioxidant nutrition. Formulated to protect, nourish and repair sun damaged, dehydrated and malnourished skin.


Conventional high street skincare is manufactured at high temperatures using refined oils, wax emulsifiers and a long list of processing ingredients including solubilisers, thickeners, stabilisers and fragrances. These products are often packed into plastic or clear glass and marketed with empty promises in pretty shiny boxes.

Natural Wisdom Dares To Be Different.

♥ Our skincare is artisan crafted by us and no body else, we make our products from the highest potency, raw antioxidant ingredients cold blended into skin-food products to protect, nourish and repair dry, sun damaged, stressed and maturing skin.

♥ Our skincare products are raw, absolutely vegan, alcohol & gluten free. Cold blended and never heated.

♥ We use food and pharmaceutical grade raw active ingredients and these are chosen for their antioxidant and nutritional properties.

♥ Premium certified organic ingredients will always take priority where the option exists.

♥ CO2 extracted raw seed oils. Never diluted with weaker, cheaper refined carrier oils such as sunflower oil.

♥ CO2 extracted raw herbal & botanical extracts. Pharmaceutical strength and 100% alcohol and solvent free.

♥ Packaged in Bio-photonic Miron Violet Glass which provides premium preservation and protection from light. Recyclable and re-usable.

"All progress occurs because some people dare to be different..." Harry Milner