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"Making luxury, raw antioxidant skincare from premium, natural organic ingredients is what Natural Wisdom does best." Maeve

Spa customers are always attracted to something that is special, different, exciting and unique.

We hope you agree with us when we describe Natural Wisdom as such.
We have been manufacturing raw organic skincare that dares to be different since 2007 and we're getting very good at it.

Natural Wisdom raw organic skincare is the perfect choice for your signature Spa facial treatments. Artisan crafted skincare has many advantages over mass manufactured skincare...

♥ An artisan brand has been hand made with love and care from premium ingredients and the difference really shows.

♥ Product training directly from the product formulator and not from a rep.

♥ Product tailoring if required and the development of exclusive products if required.

♥ No big start up costs and no exclusivity contracts so you can remain independent.

♥ A small premium artisan brand gives a far less commercial and a more personal spa offering to your clients.

We understand the nature and wisdom of raw antioxidant ingredients and we know how to blend them into luxury organic skincare products that will protect, nourish and rejuvenate our skin.

There are three grades of ingredients that can be used in the manufacture of skincare products.

1) Cosmetic grade ingredients are never fit for consumption and can be contaminated and be very low quality.

2) Food Grade (premium quality tested for purity and potency)

3) Pharmaceutical Grade
(highest quality grade & must meet specific nutritional/therapeutic 'standardised' levels)

To formulate active skincare that contains the right properties that will really make a positive difference to a person's skin, it's vital to understand the nature of ingredients, nutritional properties and how to blend ingredients together to create a luxurious product that has just the right sensory experience as well as nutritional potency.

There is a sustained movement towards natural, organic and in particular raw and vegan skincare, more and more people are beginning to learn that our skin is not an inert outer covering but a synergistic part of the whole body.

Nutritional skincare is beginning to make the headlines as more and more people discover the anti-aging properties of raw antioxidant skincare ingredients such as nutrient dense raw seed oils, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.

One of the most exciting aspects of being an independent artisan skincare formulator is the creative journey. Natural Wisdom can create the perfect range of skincare for your Spa signature treatment. Handmade from whichever aspect of Natural Wisdom you desire. Perhaps your Spa is looking for an exclusive and unique ayurvedic range of skincare products for your signature treatment, herbal range, seaweed range or botanical range, the choice is yours, we can design it, make it and supply it.

Making raw antioxidant skincare from natural organic ingredients is what Natural Wisdom does best.

How are we different?

As a small artisan company you will be working directly with our Formulator to design specialist products for your Spa signature treatment. As a qualified Homeopath, herbalist and nutritionist, Maeve has a unique set of skills and she has a very in depth understanding of how the skin works, how ingredients work and how to make skin nourishing products that speak the skin's language.

We don't dilute our raw active seed oils with cheaper, weaker 'cosmetic grade' carrier oils. We use superior CO2 extracted seed oils and botanical extracts, we don't use
hydro-alcoholic herbal extracts. Our recipes are all vegan, gluten and alcohol free.

★ We use therapeutically proven, pharmaceutical and food grade extracts in quantities that really make a difference to the health of the skin.

★ Our skincare recipes are all 100% raw, this means we can make concentrated skincare without using synthetic processing ingredients.

Instead of using a product that contains just 10% active ingredients diluted in synthetic feel good processing ingredients, you could be using a product that is 100% antioxidant skin food without it costing the earth, made from 100% natural wisdom.

But what do they smell like and do they feel good?

It is true that raw organic ingredients have a reputation for being smelly and sometimes even gloopy, they are raw and organic after all, but, through trial and error I have found a way to blend raw organic ingredients together to make skincare products that feel decadently luxurious on the skin and smell absolutely divine.

What kind of products can you make?

I am able to make any and all kinds of raw, natural and organic skincare products for your Spa signature treatment.

♥ They will be unique

They will make a difference

They will not be as expensive as you think!

Please contact me for more information maeve@naturalwisdom.co.uk