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Three interesting facts about our Raw Antioxidant Treatment Oil...

Our Raw Antioxidant Treatment Oil is made with our three signature seed oils and a blend of herbal botanical extracts.

And here are the three interesting facts...

1) CO2 extracted Raspberry seed oil has a natural SPF of between 28 & 50. It helps skin protect itself from the damaging effects of the sun and can help prevent sun spots. The Ellagic acid in Raspberry seed oil has also been shown to have powerful chemopreventive properties that can help protect against certain skin cancers. Raspberry seed oil contains powerful anti inflammatory compounds which can encourage and promote the skins own healing mechanisms.

2) CO2 extracted Pomegranate seed oil has been recorded by scientists to contain more than 60% Punicic acid, a rare conjugated fatty acid with powerful healing compounds that can help protect, heal and prevent certain types of skin cancer and has been called a chemopreventive oil. Pomegranate seed oil has also been shown to be a powerful food to help with certain health disorders.

3) CO2 extracted Rosehip seed oil is acclaimed for being rich in Retinoic acid, a provitamin A known to encourage healing and skin renewal. The properties of raw Rosehip seed oil has won the support of cosmetic surgeons all around the world.

Our Treatment Oil combines these three powerful antioxidant oils in equal measure with bio-active herbs and botanical extracts without any carrier oils added to dilute their potency.

The result is a synergy of energy and super food for your skin. To protect the potency and vital force of our antioxidant oil blend so carefully extracted from organic fruits, berries, flowers and roots we choose Miron violet glass, proven biophotonic protection from light and air.

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