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A Little bit about Natural Wisdom.

Natural Wisdom® is a small artisan skincare company that dares to be different. Created in 2007 by Maeve Smith, a Homeopath with a passion for ecology, herbal medicine and nutrition.

Being a boutique, artisan company allows us to focus on our unique selling points.

① Our very strong commitment to our eco and ethical values and our policy of only using premium quality, raw natural and organic ingredients to make our products.

② Our unique, in house raw manufacturing process with our unique choice of premium natural and organic, raw food grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Undiluted with cheaper, weaker fillers we are able to produce raw organic skincare products with optimised antioxidant potency and effectiveness.

③ Bio-Photonic Miron violet glass is proven to keep raw ingredients at their freshest for many times longer than plastic and all other kinds of glass packaging.

Meet our brand.

Natural Wisdom is a homegrown British skincare brand specialising in the manufacture of cold blended antioxidant skin nutrition.

Wholesale products are made fresh to order using the highest quality, food grade ingredients as an alternative to the conventional method of mass skincare manufacture used today.

The majority of skincare products including many natural and organic brands are made at temperatures of 80℃ and contain up to 95% bulking agents and fillers such as water, wax emulsifiers and sunflower oil...these weak, cheap, highly refined ingredients have little if any benefits for the skin.

We believe that real skin care needs to be made from real skin food. Our products are prepared by hand, in small batches from natures highest potency, super-food ingredients for a truly rejuvenating and nourishing skin experience. Cold blended to ensure maximum bio-active potency.

"All progress occurs because some people dare to be different..." Harry Milner

Our Founder, Formulator and Product Designer.

Maeve’s passion for nutrition & indigenous herbal medicine are amongst the influences behind her inspiration for all our skincare recipes. Maeve combines her knowledge and love of nature to cold blend products from Mother Natures most inspired gifts to our kind to create the high potency skin nutrition made from 100% natural wisdom to help protect, nourish and repair our skin for radiantly healthy, youthful complexion.

Our Ethos and Our Mission.

We believe that in the making of something new, we shouldn’t hurt something old. We are founded on strong eco and ethical values and we are dedicated to being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

Our mission, which has been the same since day one, is to create skincare products that can make a real difference. Our skin is our largest organ and excreting gland and it's also our external digestion, it matters what we feed our skin. Skincare products need to provide our skin with a lot more than chemicals, artificial ingredients and junk food.

Our skin absorbs and digests up to 60% of what ever we choose to apply to it. This is a big responsibility, our skin is not simply an inert outer covering. It is the outside of our inside, the reflection of how we live and how we feel, from our emotions to our beliefs...It holds our spirit, the light of life which distinguishes us from others, without which we simply would not exist.

Our skin glows brighter when we're happy, it lights up when we smile, it blushes when we're embarrassed and it shows when we're tired, stressed or unwell. Our skin responds and reacts to a healthy lifestyle & it both absorbs & digests the skin products we apply to it. Our skin cools us and it warms us. Our skin, literally holds us together. These are just some of the things our skin does for us all day, everyday.

This is why we specialise in creating cold blended, antioxidant skin nutrition to help us meet the challenges of our changing times. Increased environmental pollution and a depleted Ozone layer are just two of the challenges we face today and our children will face tomorrow.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Our Manufacturing Process Sets Us Apart...

Our products are all cold blended and our recipes are not diluted with cheaper, weaker refined carrier oils and fillers, this makes them nutritionally dense and very high potency. In a results driven market, this is what our customers are looking for. We also have a far lower carbon footprint because we are not reliant on gas during our manufacturing process.

Our formulas are all free from synthetic processing ingredients, wax emulsifiers, refined oils, bulking agents, fillers and nonsense ingredients most commonly found in conventional skincare, this means we are free to fully support sustainable, organic and ethical agricultural practices.

And It's Our Choice of Ingredients That Defines Us.

★ We believe that our skincare should be just as important as the food we eat. We don’t eat synthetic food, so why should we use synthetic skincare?

★ We use pure raw, super food ingredients to protect, nourish and repair for healthy, vibrant and youthful skin.

★ Hand made by us and only us in small fresh batches using small, ethical and organic UK and EU suppliers of ethically sourced & certified organic ingredients.

★ We practice to eco, organic, ethical and sustainable principles and we are opposed to animal testing.

FREE from - Refined oils, wax emulsifiers, bulking agents and fillers. Animal derived ingredients including Bees wax

FREE from - Alcohol and alcohol extracted herbs and synthetic feel enhancers.

FREE from - Wheat, Yeast and Gluten. Our skincare is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

FREE from - Parabens. Formaldehyde preservatives. Petroleum, Silicones, SLS, EDTA, propylene glycol, accumulative toxicity chemicals & synthetic processing ingredients...

How do our products work?

Our products are designed to provide the skin with intense targeted nutrition. Our ingredients are specifically chosen because they have the highest profile of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and phyto-nutrients and we combine these ingredients without heating and without diluting them with refined, weak carrier oils and cheap fillers.

Our products are designed to protect, nourish and repair all skin types with a special affinity for damaged, sensitive and fragile skin...


By inhibiting skin cell oxidation with our concentrated blend of antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin from UV-A and UV-B radiation & environmental pollution.

In a language the skin can understand, absorb, digest and respond to with naturally healthy and radiant results. Our ingredients contain over 42 naturally occurring essential fatty acids, super antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and complex phyto-nutrients.

★ By promoting healthy skin cell regeneration and improving skin condition by strengthening the epidermis.
★ By promoting collagen formation and improving skin elasticity.
★ By developing a healthy, more even skin tone by fading and discouraging sun spots and hyper pigmentation.
★ By protecting and nourishing the skin with true food essential nutrients.

What do our customers have to say about Natural Wisdom skincare -

“Every time I use Natural Wisdom Skincare I feel like I am massaging pure love into my skin. It never fails to make me feel amazing” (Jhelisa Anderson, US Song Writer & Recording Artist)

“Hi Maeve, just to say my skin is looking fabulous - it's the Rosehip & Pomegranate Antioxidant Oil - it's a wonder product! I am passing on miniatures to my friends.” (Carmen Daye, London)

“Hi there, I really like the Antioxidant Treatment Oil, although it's an oil it does not feel greasy and did not block my pores. I have sensitive skin and this is a great moisturising treat I will definitely order some more when it runs out. Thanks very much.” (Christine Covil.)

“I have used the Antioxidant Skin Survival Balm for the first time and have found it amazing, the smell alone is a good enough reason to use it. It feels like you are treating your skin so well, I applied as soon as I came out of the shower and could feel it soaking into my cheeks. My skin felt luxurious and I had comments on how well I looked...Separate to this I wanted to tell you about my young niece, she is 2 years old and has very sore eczema at times, this weekend she stayed at my house and had 2 patches of quite angry eczema on her lower back and bottom. Her Mum had not given me anything for this as she wasn't suffering before she came and I wanted to put something on it as she was complaining. Obviously worried about what to use I put the skin survival balm on it, this immediately calmed her itch and she loved the smell, she kept asking for more of my 'special, magic cream!” (Rachel Hardy).