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Winter Skin. How to Beat Dry Skin and Restore a Smooth, Supple Complexion

If you want hydrated, supple, smooth skin then you might have to change the way you think about it.

Our skin is sometimes viewed as being little more than a water proof covering, an inert protective lining the outside of the body. As a Homeopath I have come across surprise in people when I give them a different perspective..

Not wishish to sound too esoteric here, I’d like to share both the holistic view (my view) of our skin and the conventional view of our skin...

My personal view is that our skin is the outside of our inside. It is the reflection of what we eat, how we feel, what we believe and how we see our selves. It is the wrapping of our spirit, that spark of light and life which animates us and distinguishes our uniqueness from others, without which we simply would not exist.

Our skin is a living dynamic organ, the largest organ and the largest excreting gland. It also has some very interesting connections with our organs both emotionally and physically.

Anyone with a skin complaint will tell you there is nothing inert about it. Skin can react within a few short moments to an adverse situation. Eruptions can flare up over a few hours and disappear in a few moments....sometimes without rhyme or reason.

Natural health practitioners the world over have observed a connection between the Skin and the Lungs and also the Digestive System. Perhaps the best known example is the link between Eczema and Asthma and the allergic skin eruptions associated with eating Shellfish or Nuts.

We also observe that there can be an emotional link to symptoms showing on the skin but it is not within the scope of this short article to go deeply into these connections so I will move on.

Conventional medical viewpoint: It is frequently realised by the medical profession than Skin conditions may indicate internal problems but the diagnosis and treatment does not usually make a systemic connection and often involves a topical medicine such as a steroid, emollient anti viral or antibiotic cream. The true cause too often ignored.

Our skin can tell us a lot about our internal health....for example

Yellow skin often indicates inflammation of the Liver
Pale or grey skin may indicate anemia or a liver complaint
Blue tinge to the lips can indicate a heart condition

★ Dry skin with localised or generalised itching can indicate many things, as this article is focusing on dry skin I will explore this in greater detail.

Some of the possible causes of dry skin

It is not within the scope of this article to give medical causes or give medical advice or diagnosis or to replace the advice of your medical practitioner. It is for informational purposes only. Please always seek the wisdom of your Doctor or care giver.

In many cases, dry skin is a sign and symptom of chronic dehydration. One way of exploring this possibility is to study the tongue and the color of urine. If the tongue is cracked and dry looking, it is possible that chronic dehydration is a suspect. If the urine is dark and cloudy, this is a good confirmation.

Solutions: You may find that you benefit from taking a course of electrolytes such as Trace Minerals from a quality Supplement Company like Higher Nature (Ultra Trace is an excellent product) and drinking more water based drinks and less Tea, Coffee & Alcohol. If this is the cause you will find that your skin improves in just a couple of weeks. Dehydration can not be resolved by drinking water, it is tissue salts that are needed and these are found in healthy food such as raw fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Nutritional deficiency: Another part of the Dry Skin Equation is the potential deficiency in essential fatty acids also known as Omega Oils 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9. As a nation we do not eat very much oily fish or oily nuts and seeds it is not uncommon for people to be Omega 3 deficient in the UK. The human brain is composed of up to 75% omega 3 fatty acids, the lining of our organs, muscles, ligaments, arteries and veins all rely on omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin D3 deficiency can also be a cause of dry skin.

Solutions: Consider taking the recommended daily allowance of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and eating 3 servings of fresh oily fish per week cooked in a manner that does not destroy the Omega 3 benefits. A really good website for recipes is the non profit making www.whf.org. Omega 3 supplement needs to be continued for a minimum of 3 months before benefit will be seen. Eating 2 tablespoons a day of a blend of seseme, sunflower & pumpkin seeds are also a great way of boosting EFA levels. Seed oils of Hemp, Pumpkin & Flax are also alternatives to Fish or Krill oil.
If you spend less that 30 minutes in the mid day sun per day it is very possible that you could be Vitamin D3 deficient. It is not within the scope of this article to go deeply into this but excellent information can be found by visiting the wwwvitamindcouncil.org

Prescribed Pharmaceutical medicines: Can be a cause of dry skin, if you need to take a regular prescription you should ask your Doctor for advice.

Thyroid or parathyroid disorder: An under-active thyroid can sometimes be the cause of dry skin, if this symptom is combined with dry hair, tiredness and weight gain you should direct your inquiries to you Doctor.

Solutions: You could consider taking a thyroid supplement for up to 3 months from a reputable supplement company such as Higher nature or Nutri. If your symptoms improve have your Doctor check your Thyroid. You could also consider seeking the advice of a qualified nutritional therapist.

Illness and convalescence: Sometimes, recovering from an illness can result in areas of dry skin.

Solutions: Consider eating a diet that follows the 80:20 ratio in favour of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses to 20% protein such as salmon or chicken. Also consider taking a course of high quality nutritional supplements including antioxidants and EFA’s (essential fatty acids) if you have been stuck in bed then consider taking a Vitamin D3 oil supplement. Check the Vitamin D Council Website for recommended daily allowance or ask your Doctor for a Vitamin D serum blood test.

Harsh skin cleansers and exfoliators: Over processed Skincare products can strip the skin and damage the acid mantle and it can take weeks for the skin to heal itself properly.

Solutions: Stop cleansing with any kind of soap or cleansers for 2-3 weeks and only use a hot cloth. After 2 -3 weeks your skin should have recovered its acid mantle. Cleanse with a pea sized amount of a pH balanced cream cleanser. and only apply a raw organic face oil not a face oil diluted with cheap refined carrier oils such as Sunflower Oil.

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