Made in the UK

★ Natural Wisdom Organic Skincare™ is a small, homegrown Hampshire skincare company with strong eco and ethical values.

★ Originally founded in 2007 by Maeve Smith, a Homeopath with a passion for organic agriculture, ecology, herbal medicine and nutrition.

★ Natural Wisdom exists to make the best cold blended, natural and organic skincare possible using cold extracted, butters, CO2 extracted seed oils and botanical extracts.

100% free from cheap, weak fillers, carrier oils, wax emulsifiers, alcohol and nonsense.

★ So you don't have to worry...

Our product designer and formulator...

Maeve’s passion for nutrition & indigenous herbal medicine are amongst the influences behind her inspiration for all our organic skincare recipes. She loves to combine her knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine with her love of nature to create skincare recipes from Mother Nature’s most inspired gifts to our kind with the intention to create the purest skincare made from 100% natural wisdom to help protect, nourish and rejuvenate for radiantly healthy, youthful skin.

Maeve created Natural Wisdom living skincare originally for herself back in 2007. She wanted high performance natural and organic skincare that offered visible anti aging results without the chemicals, cheap weak fillers and diluting carrier oils.

Out of her frustration that the majority of skincare products including many natural and organic brands were made at temperatures of more than 80℃ and contained up to 95% bulking agents and fillers such as water, wax emulsifiers and cheap oils such as sunflower oil Maeve developed her cold blend manufacturing process, this has enabled her to begin making 100% bio active skin care recipes with nutrient dense superfood ingredients. 

Our ethos -

"We believe that in the making of something new, we shouldn’t hurt something old".

We are dedicated to being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. As an organic and ethical company our aim is to make the very best, cold blended skin care to protect, nourish and rejuvenate for radiant, healthy, youthful skin while also helping to protect, nourish and rejuvenate our communities and our planet.

Our mission -

"Our mission, which has been the same since day one, is to create the perfect organic skincare you would love to design for yourself".

Designed specifically from super active, natural ingredients to help us meet the challenges of our changing times. Increased environmental pollution and a depleted Ozone layer are just two of the challenges we face today and our children will face tomorrow. So, our products are cold blended which means they are far more concentrated than conventional skincare products.

We also have a far lower carbon footprint because we are not reliant on gas during our manufacturing process.
Because our products are cold blended, this means we can make them 100% Free from synthetic processing ingredients, wax emulsifiers, water, refined oils, bulking agents, fillers and nonsense ingredients most commonly found in conventional skincare means we are free to fully support sustainable, organic and ethical agricultural practices.