Posted by Maeve on 3rd Jul 2023

What is a Solid Perfume and how do you use it? and other FAQ's

Dear Maeve, what is a solid perfume and how do I use it?

Solid perfumes date back to ancient Egyptian times, Beeswax and scented oils were melted together and stored in ceramic jars. Solid Perfumes have evolved a lot since then but they are still fundamentally a blend of wax & scented oils.

The Natural and organic Solid Perfumes and Colognes I make are made using a vegan base of organic Shea butter, Stearic acid wax and organic Carnauba wax. This makes the perfect base to capture and hold the delicate aromatherapeutic aromatics I use to create our long lasting Solid Perfumes and Colognes. 

How do I apply a solid perfume or solid cologne?

scrape the back of your nail across the surface and apply this small amount to the inside of your wrist. rub your wrists together and inhale deeply. Our solid perfumes have been created to enchant and delight the senses, transforming our mood and letting the sun shine in. Human moods have a very close affinity to smell, fragrance, aroma and we can use this affinity to our advantage to trigger a positive shift of mood when we inhale, breathing in slowly and deeply.

How can you make the scent of Solid Perfume and Colognes last longer on your skin?

When we wear a scent, over time, we will almost always become scent immune to that scent, after a couple of hours but our deeper senses, our subliminal sense of smell will still experience the benefits of the aromatherapeutics and those who come close to you, close enough to see your individual eyelashes will we entranced by your natural body aroma, a sensuous blend of you and your natural perfume. To make your solid perfume last longer, apply to areas of your skin covered by your clothing, the fragrance will permeate your clothes such as a scarf, shirt or top and remain active for longer, days even. I have scarves that have imbued the fragrance of my solid perfumes over a few weeks and they smell uniquely exquisite, even after washing, the scent can linger.