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Help dull, uneven skin with blocked pores and occasional spots.

The reason you may experience dull, uneven skin with blocked pores, open pores and occasional spots may be due to poor elimination of the lower intestine and a diet insufficient in essential fatty acids and soluble fiber. Low electrolytes from chronic dehydration may also be a factor...

If your skin is dull, uneven, with blocked pores and occasional spots, I recommend the following Natural Wisdom Raw Organic skincare regime and nutritional advice.

Cleanse only once daily, at night and with just a pea sized amount of cleanser, rinse your skin and pat dry and follow with about 4 pumps of Vitamin C treatment Gel and massage it well into the face until it is absorbed by the skin, this gel is perfect for the eye area so massage it over your eyes and under your eyes, your neck and chest and what's left into the backs of your hands. Your skin may feel a little tight, but this is a temporary feeling.

Once the gel has been absorbed, apply two pumps of the Antioxidant Treatment Oil and massage your skin quite firmly. Your skin should feel warm and may look temporarily red and perhaps even a little blotchy. Massaging the face like this increases blood flow, encourages lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen synthesis. it also helps to tone and plump the facial muscles, which is very important.

Dullness of the skin can be a result of the cells of the skin not shedding effectively or regularly enough, this can thicken the skin, leading to poor absorption of nutrients and dullness and blocked pores. Massaging the skin helps the skin by encouraging blood flow and by encouraging cell turnover. A gentle liquid exfoliant like our Vitamin C Exfoliator applied twice a week also stimulates cell turnover but it shouldn't be used daily because it can upset the delicate skin acid mantle.

The skin's acid mantle is a thin oily layer that has a pH of between 4.5 and 6, the perfect pH for skin is believed to be 5.5 and for a gentle exfoliant, not less than 4.5. Our acid mantle coats the skin an it acts effectively as the immune system for the skin, protecting the skin from invading organisms that could cause an infection, so protecting the acid mantle is very important.

Our Age Defiance Instant Wrinkle Reducing Serum is perfect for Mature Skin to smooth away and reduce stressed expression lines. Apply this over the expression line such as the central forehead furrow after applying the Vitamin C Treatment Gel and before the Antioxidant Treatment oil.

In the morning, I recommend cleansing by running a fresh clean flannel under the hot tap and cleansing the face. Cleanse in this way 2-3 times, giving the face a gentle rub in the process. Follow this hot cloth cleanse by applying the Vitamin C Treatment Gel and following with the Age Defiance Instant Wrinkle Reducing serum and the Antioxidant Treatment Oil. Once the Treatment Oil has been absorbed, you can apply your make up if you choose to. I would recommend using only mineral (powder) makeup and not cream foundations which can block the pores of the skin contributing to dullness.

Dietary advice.

30 grams of Soluble fiber a day (found in porridge oatmeal, ground flax seeds, ground Chai seeds, ground Hemp seeds, raw root vegetables, green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds along with herbal products such as Psyllium husks and Slippery elm powder.

Soluble fiber is not the same as insoluble fiber which we get from bran, bread and pasta. Soluble fiber is very important and often found lacking in modern diets. it helps to bulk and decrease the transit time of waste in the lower digestive tract which aids in eliminating waste, it also helps to soak up toxins and reduce inflammation in the body. The skin is our external digestion and by increasing clean foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables and soluble fiber we will see a definite improvement in the health of the skin. It will look brighter and healthier and younger.

I also suggest making sure that you are taking enough essential fatty acids every day. Up to two tablespoons of organic hemp seed oil in a live yogurt is a perfect addition to the diet that will have a powerful impact on the health of the skin. Increasing dietary antioxidants will also help to feed the skin from the inside.

Vitamin D3 is also a very important addition to the diet via a supplement.

Drinking water and reducing coffee, tea and alcohol which dehydrate us is also beneficial. Taking a liquid mineral formula such as Ultra Trace (from Higher Nature) which contains essential electrolytes is also a very good idea as it will encourage ideal systemic hydration which will maximise the transport of nutrients around the body as well as the effective elimination of waste products.

So to summarise, I recommend the following products for dull, uneven skin, with open pores and occasional spots. Continue this regime for a minimum of 2 months and preferably longer to experience the best results.

Vitamin C (Cream or Gel) Cleanser- applied once a day only
Vitamin C Treatment Gel- Applied twice daily
Antioxidant Treatment Oil - Applied twice daily.

Optional products-

Vitamin C Liquid Exfoliator- applied twice weekly
Age Defiance Instant Wrinkle Reducing Oil - applied as needed