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Our New Solid Deodorants are coming! {100% natural & Vegan}

We make our solid Deodorant with Natural Ecocert & COSMOS approved ingredients that are gentle on the skin and readily biodegradable.
🌟 Natural, biodegradable, gentle yet effective with a low essential oil content of less than 1%.
🌟 UNSCENTED version is available and this can be used as an after shave styptic (astringent).
🌟 Our Natural Deodorant works with the body and doesn't suppress the bodies natural processes.

🌟 Antibacterial
🌟 Long lasting, economical and good value
🌟 Vegan & Alcohol free
🌟 Choose the cardboard packaging and be completely plastic free :-)
🌟 SOLID DEODORANT INGREDIENTS: NO Baking Soda, No Chemicals, No Alcohol
*Shea butter *Tapioca starch, Natural alum stone powder, *Aloe vera inner leaf powder, Essential oils, *Rosemary CO2 extract *Organic ingredient
Fragrances currently available

Blue Tansy & Neroli
Rose Geranium
Chamomile & Teatree
Eucalyptus & Lemon