November 2018 Product Price Increases..

No one likes to purchase from a favourite brand and see that they have increased their prices, but we hope that if we explain why we have needed to do this you will understand and you'll see that for Natural Wisdom to be able to continue making Skincare, Hair Care & Perfumes that dare to be different, we have needed to make these changes.

Over the last 11 years, Natural Wisdom has grown slowly and organically. The last four years have been particularly exciting and Natural Wisdom has grown in leaps and bounds, these changes have meant we have needed to expand and welcome new Team Members...

And so, it's my great pleasure to introduce...

Simon Navas - Financial Director, Excel Chief & overall amazing guy who also helps with the making of our Solid Hair Care Bars when needed. Simon's role is to keep Natural Wisdom afloat and moving in the right direction.
Helen Navas - Helen, is Simon's Cousin's partner (hence the same surname) and Helen has joined the Team as Customer Orders Manager. She is responsible for collating & packaging your orders and preparing them for dispatch. Helen also assists with the making, labelling and bottling of Natural Wisdom.

During our recent growth phase, it slowly dawned on us that we hadn't properly factored in wages when we had decided how much to price a product and as such, Maeve, our founder and formulator has been working for nothing or for very little. One of the founding principles of Natural Wisdom was to make Extraordinary Skincare Affordable but over the years, this ethos has slowly but significantly curtailed the ability of Natural Wisdom to grow and expand, especially in the area of investment in equipment and premises and as such Natural Wisdom still does not have a dedicated manufacturing unit and is in great need of equipment. This lack of investment has also meant that Natural Wisdom has been unable to reach certain bedrock goals such as completing the Organic Certification process, creating an effective Marketing strategy, paying for professional Graphic Design & Label Printing services or paying our Founder and Formulator properly for her time, energy and attention, together, this has successfully cocooned Natural Wisdom and has kept it fairly hidden from the world.

Despite, being fairly well hidden, over time, Natural Wisdom has grown and in doing so, the needs of Natural Wisdom have changed, to such a degree, that we can't stay hidden any longer. It's reached the time where we must step out of the remote wilderness and embrace our growth or stop doing what we're doing and close Natural Wisdom.

And we don't want to do that. We're ready to grow and we want to develop new and exiting products that are a much bigger part of the solution and to do that, its time to price to return to the drawing board a little bit and price our products more effectively so we can continue to provide ethical organic products that reduce waste, reduce plastic and provide plastic free options and still made with the premium raw organic ingredients that dare to be different.

With these changes, brings are renewed commitment to our customers to
always provide unique products at amazing value and you can look forward to lots of treats, lots of surprises, lots of new exciting products and an enormous amount of love and Natural Wisdom.

With love from the Natural Wisdom Team :-) xxx

Maeve - Founder & Formulator
Simon - Financial Director
Helen - Customer Orders Manager