♥ Welcome to Natural Wisdom, Raw Organic Skincare, Vegan Skin Care and Solid Perfumes

Our raw organic skincare is made from carefully chosen premium food grade and organic vegan ingredients. All alcohol free and available in scented and unscented which is perfect for dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin.

♥ Pure Antioxidant Skin Food inspired by Natural Wisdom

Unlike skincare products that are mass produced in factory conditions, our natural skincare products are artisan crafted by us in small batches using natural organic and raw food grade ingredients. Our manufacturing process is free from chemical processing and unnatural (synthetic/artificial) ingredients such as stabilisers, colours, fragrances and thickeners.

All cold blended and never heated to high temperatures, our unique range of raw organic skin care is made from premium certified organic ingredients that are chosen for their nutritional and antioxidant properties. Each product is presented in reusable and recyclable packaging that is made from Bio-photonic Miron Violet Glass which serves to protect and preserve each product to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Our Solid Vegan Perfumes are presented in beautiful wooden pots, hand crafted exclusively for us from sustainably sourced Cedar wood.

Raw Acai Berry Balm {Wild Harvested from Brazil} Brazilian Wild Harvested Acai Berry Balm

  • Born wild & wild harvested in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle & pressed on site. The best Acai berry oil in the world. OUT OF STOCK :-(

: £28.50
Sale Price: £25.00
Organic Vegan Lip Balm with Lemon Oil Organic Lemon Lip Balm

  • Lemon scented, Lemon flavoured. Full of nourishing skin food ingredients...

: £12.50
Instant Wrinkle Reducing Concentrate with Spilanthes flower extract Instant Wrinkle Reducing Concentrate

  • Instantly tightens and firms skin. banishes stressed expression lines **NEW Unscented option**

: £18.50

Natural Wisdom Age Defiance Facial Firming Treatment Oil Age Defiance Facial Firming Treatment Oil

  • An age defiant antioxidant skin food for wise skin.

Organic Oil Gel Cleanser with seed oils of Pomegranate & Carrot Pomegranate & Carrot Oil Gel (to Lotion) Facial Cleanser

  • Detergent free, our Oil Gel Cleansers have a special affinity for dry sensitive skin...

: £22.00

Raw Organic Baby Balm 50ml Raw Organic Baby Balm {multi purpose}

  • Our Raw Organic Baby Balm, created for sensitive skin...

: £14.95

Organic Lip Balm with Japanese Peppermint Oil Nourishing Organic Lip Balm with Peppermint Oil

  • Luxury organic Lip Balms made from food grade ingredients into a creamy smooth balm for lips..

: £12.50
Vitamin C Antioxidant Skin Treatment Gel Vitamin C Antioxidant Skin Treatment Gel {2 sizes}

  • Our Vitamin C concentrated Antioxidant Gel. As light as water...

Natural Wisdom Solid Shampoo & Body Wash Bar Shampoo & Body Wash Bar {& Conditioner & Shaving Cream Bar} )

  • Our Shampoo & Body Wash Bar & our Hair Conditioner & Shaving Cream Bar in one place. 100% natural. vegan & readily biodegradable...

Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C Mask & Polish Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C Facial Mask & Polish

  • A luxuriously gentle, antioxidant Face Mask & Polish...

: £22.00
Raw Organic Antioxidant Skin Survival Balm Raw Organic Antioxidant Balm

  • Our Raw Organic, Antioxidant Skin Survival Balm is the perfect all body skin food...

: £28.00

Organic Orange & Cinnamon Lip Balm in a wooden pot Organic Orange & Cinnamon Lip Balm

  • Deliciously sumptuous...

: £12.50
Vitamin C Facial Toner with Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Facial Toner with Hyaluronic acid

♥ A nourishing, hydrating Facial Toner with vital Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid-

: £21.00

Raw Organic Vitamin C Antioxidant Face Moisturiser Raw Organic Vitamin C Moisturiser

  • Raw, organic antioxidant Moisturiser concentrated with vital superfoods...

: £34.00

Raw Organic Antioxidant Treatment Oil Raw Organic Antioxidant Treatment Oil

  • A pure undiluted blend of raw organic CO2 extracts...

: £38.50

Natural Wisdom Age Defiance Facial Firming Moisturiser Age Defiance Facial Firming Moisturiser

  • Raw organic and concentrated with antioxidants and super foods for wise skin. Tighten, firm & smooth...

: £36.00

Raw Organic Vitamin C & Pomegranate Hand Cream Age Defiance Vitamin C Hand Cream {protect & repair}

  • A nourishing antioxidant hand & body Moisturiser created to restore & rejuvenate dry dull skin...

: £25.00

Natural Wisdom Raw Organic Vitamin C Facial Cream Cleanser 50 ml Vitamin C Facial Cream Cleanser

  • Raw organic, gentle & nourishing Cream Facial Cleanser

: £22.00