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We will begin posting orders again on the 8th January xxx 

Our precious Skin is our first line of defence, our primary immune system and while it has evolved to protect us,it is still vulnerable to attack & every moment, it is bombarded with atmospheric dust, pollution & UV radiation and so it needs our protection too... 

It is well understood that a healthy balanced diet is essential for our entire wellbeing and it’s a lesser known fact that our bodies intelligence will always prioritise the most important organs above the least important organs. 

Its for this reason, that our Skin is the very last organ to receive nutrients from the blood supply and only once the Brain, the Heart, the Liver, Kidneys, Digestion & Reproductive system and all the precious tissues in between have received their essential nutrients first... will the Skin get it’s turn to be nourished.. 

This is why its so important to topically feed the Skin and Scientific Research has long confirmed that the skin benefits significantly from the topical application of vital nutrients such as Essential Fatty Acids & Antioxidants such as Vitamin C more effectively than via the digestion alone.

The reason for this is because the Digestive System will always feed the most important organs first and the Skin will always be fed last. 

As a Homeopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist, this is the reason, I have spent the last 13 years formulating Raw & Organic, Nutrient Dense Antioxidant Superfood Skincare to help give the Skin everything it needs from the outside to the inside to protect, nourish and repair itself with Natural Wisdom.